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CARPET CLEANING IICRC CERTIFIED           _Our Number One System.

Carpet Cleaning with not toxic, not detergent , completey children and pet safe products.  We use one of the most powerful truck mounted hot water extractors available, to extract our prespray and soils from your carpet leaving carpets clean and soft.  Your carpet will not only look and feel better it's healthier too.  We offer 3 differents system packages.   Our 1st and most popular system package is Our Number One System. This system includes moving small furniture such as table and chairs, or a love seat.  
1.  Dry Pre Vacuum 
2. Special non toxic conditioning  and a thourough agitation with a carpet rake.
3. Spot Cleaning.  heavy, and noticeable spots will be treated again before extraction                                
4.Hot Water Extraction rinsing carpet of residue and soils leaving them clean and soft.                              5. Heavy Duty Air Movers for speed drying.  (valued at 10 cents per square foot, no charge)
6.Free Bottle of your choice : Pro Spot Remover, for your carpet   or Pro Clean All,  for everyday clean up such as counter tops, sinks, and bathrooms.  (valued at $29.99)
7.  Finally we will restore the factory protection with Maxim Protection (valued at 20 cents a square ft.,  no charge) leaving your carpets better protected from spills, making it easier to clean and maintain yourself until our next cleaning.  
8. Insurance  we give a 30 day spot removal insurance.  If you can't remove it with our Pro Spot Remover we will free of charge.  ( 1 time spot cleaning,  $125 Value )

Ecomomy System Package. This is our most affordable and 2nd most popular carpet cleaning package.  This is a basic, but very thorough carpet steam clean, with non toxic, childeren and pet safe products.  No Furniture Moving.  
1.  Dry Pre Vacuum.   This removes %50 to %70 of ther dry soils hiding in your carpet.
2. Special Non toxic, conditioning with a carpet rake
3. Spot Cleaning, heavy and noticable spots will be treated again before extraction.                                       4. Hot Water Extraction rinses carpet of residue and soils leaving them clean and soft.
5. Air Movers to speed dry ( 10 cents per sq foot value, no charge) 

Premium Enviro System Package

The Enviro System Package is our premium, and most valuable package we offer.  Your 
health is at the utmost importance to us.  We designed this package
to give the customer especially with allergies or breathing difficulties the most thorough cleaning possible to protect and provide a healthy environment.  Small Furniture Moving Included.
1. Pre Agitate and Pre Vac.    We will lift carpet pile with a carpet rake and then Pre Vac all dry soils.
2. Special Non Toxic, Soap and Detergent free conditioning to break up grease and soils.
3.  A thorough agitation with carpet rake to further break up grease and soil.
4.  Spot Treatment.   All heavy and noticable spots are retreated with a pro spot removal system.
5.  Hot Water Extraction rinses the residues, grease, ans soils leaving them clean and soft.
6.  Heavy Duty Air Movers for speed dry. ( .10 cents per square foot value, no charge )             
7.  Anti Allergin, anti microbial sanitizer. (.10 cents per square foot value, no charge)
8.  Maxim Protection will be added to protect your clean carpet from spills, making it easier for yourself to vacuum and maintain until our next cleaning.
9.  Final Groom with carpet rake to complete fiber penetration of carpet protectant and anti allergen. 
9.  Free Bottle of Pro Spot Remover or Pro Clean All (valued at $29.99 )
10.  Insurance 30 day spot removal guarantee. If you can't remove it with our complimentary Pro Spot Remover, we will free of charge.   ( 1 time spot cleaning insurance,  value $125.00)
11.  Ducts Cleaned ( $250.00 value, no charge )
12.  Dryer Vent Cleaned ($150.00 value no charge )
12.  $500 and more in free services for our Premium Enviro Package only